As an acronym, DGAINS highlights everything we stand for. As a name, it inspires us to aim higher in serving our customers.

D = Dedication towards the work with combined effort of determination.

G = Guiding Principle of committing ourselves to our customers and business

A = Acumen of keenness and quickness that leads to a noble aftermath

I   = Inspired & Impactful business work standards that communicates our core values

N = Noble actions & deeds that are most esteemed

S  = Simplify the practices to increase the efficiency of Customer Service.

Our Culture
As a principle driven company, we place a strong emphasis on how we treat our customers and each other. We continuously focus on aligning our day-to-day operations with our values and spend time and resources on team-building activities like daily devotions and quarterly retreats to develop purposeful ways to put our principles into practice

Our Social Responsibility
We as a team are actively involved with a local orphanage. We cherish the relationship we have built with these remarkable children and enjoy spending time with them occasionally and having fun together.